Big Brother 2015: Helen Wood vows to IGNORE Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace

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Helen Wood says she plans to avoid Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace in the Big Brother house.

This evening saw Nikki Grahame's fellow Big Brother 7 housemate return to the house following Brian Belo's exit.

She was quick to hit out at Helen, branding her the "spawn of Satan" and a "basic b****" as part of this week's shopping task.

Helen didn't respond and instead retreated to the smoking area with Joel, Nick and Simon once the task was complete.

"I've lived with a **** before, I can live with one again," Helen remarked. "Thank f**k they didn't put me in with her for two weeks."

Simon, who also got a frosty reception from the former housemate, revealed that he had met Aisleyne only the once and was confused by her opinions of him.

Joel also got a slating from Aisleyne although he was left even more puzzled than Simon, forced to ask the others: "Who is she?!"

Brushing off Aisleyne's remarks about herself, Helen said: "I thought it was more lame what she said about Joel, I thought it was a really lame thing.

"She'll target everyone that I'm friends with... or associate with.

"But I'm not ever rising to it. I've got two days left and I'm not making a **** out of myself."

It's FAAAAAAR too late for that, Helen.

Meanwhile speaking before entering the house, Aisleyne also vowed to avoid confrontation with Helen if she could.

“I won’t be approaching Helen as she intimidates me but if I see her targeting someone else I definitely won’t hold back and I will be telling her to know herself,” she said.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with the latest highlights featuring Aisleyne's return Thursday night at 9PM on Channel 5.

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