Big Brother 2015: Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace returns... and slams Helen Wood

bbuk Aisleyne 2

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, has made her return to the Big Brother house this evening the exact same way she entered the house in BB7.

The latest legendary housemate, who has joined the show after Brian Belo left, surprised the group as a gift in this week's shopping task.

Earlier today (Tuesday) the housemates were told they would be taking part in their new shopping challenge throughout the day, experiencing a whole year in just 24 hours.

It began as the group made New Years celebrations they had to stick to before time fast forwarded to Valentine's Day. Voted the sexiest housemate, Cristian had to pick four others - Chloe, Danny, Simon and Sam - to speed date. He was then tested by Big Brother on the answers to questions asked in the dates.

Later, Nick became the Easter Bunny as time flashed forward again, he had to follow the clues to find Easter Eggs that had been hidden around the house.

The success in the individual challenges determined how many gifts of luxury shopping budgets the group would get for Christmas, with one gift for each housemate. The group ended the task with 4 gifts of basic rations, and eight luxury budget gifts.

Aisleyne was then unveiled as Santa's little helper and decided which housemates got which of the two types of gifts.

She gave "spawn of Satan" Helen basic rations, branding her a "basic b***h" to no response from the reigning champion, together with Marc, Joel and Simon. The other housemates will all enjoy luxury budgets.

But the big twist at the end of the task was that Aisleyne wasn't going home, instead moving into the house with the others until further notice.

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5 with Aisleyne's return featuring on Thursday night's episode from 9PM.

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