Big Brother 2015: Helen Wood gets formal warning and Marc O'Neill is next

Big Brother

Helen Wood has received a formal warning from Big Brother after Brian Belo left the house.

Channel 5 say that Big Brother has issued Helen with a warning while Marc O'Neill is also set to be "spoken to" about the evening's events that led up to Brian's exit.

The night's drama in this evening's episode begins with a game in which housemates read out various questions, all starting with 'Who’s most likely to…'

In turn housemates must complete the statement with their answer and explain why. Those that agree then stand up and also give reasons they they agree.

One question sees Jack claim Nikki is the most likely to put herself first, with Marc and Helen agreeing.

Then later, Brian and Nikki agree when Nick claims Helen is the most likely to marry someone for money.

It all starts quite the argument with insults flying every where and Brian getting rather angry.

Helen quips at the BB8 champ: “Straight jackets in the store room. Psycho."

Afterwards, Brian is left alone in the sky room in the garden looking over the top to the outside world. Nick goes up as Brian is climbing over the top. Nick tries to stop him but Brian is already gone. The other housemates run up. Helen says, “It’s attention!”

Following the night's events, Helen reflects and tells Danny: “I wish I’d chosen to say things better sometimes. I think it’s a good thing to be honest... I don’t think before I speak. I do things wrong. I said it to provoke a reaction.”

Helen adds: "I don’t want [Brian] around me. He makes my skin crawl.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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