Big Brother 2015: Brian Belo jumps wall to escape house... and Helen Wood

Big Brother

Brian Belo jumps over a fence to escape Helen Wood and the house in tonight's Big Brother.

It all kicks after a question game in which both Brian and Helen give as good as they get.

Helen brands Brian a "liar" and "fake", while he calls her "scum" and claims she'd marry someone just for their money in one round.

Brian says, “This woman has no principles, morals or self- respect so that’s why I think she’d marry for money.”

Helen says, “Straight jackets in the store room. Psycho.”

An argument ensues and the housemates try to calm Brian down. Helen repeatedly says, “It’s a game. Brian, keep playing into my hands.” Helen continues to shout insults at Brian.

Later, Nikki is comforting Brian. Brian says, “I just feel degraded.” Nikki says, “She’s jealous of you because you’re so loved and you’re such a good person. You’ve kept your dignity, Brian.

"She’s shown herself in her true colours for the vile piece of shit that she is. He’s just as low down as she is.” Brian says, “She’s got the morals of an alley cat.”

In the Diary Room chatting to Big Brother, Brian says, “I feel like I’m being ganged up on. I don’t want to cry. I’ve tried to keep away from there. I shouldn’t have come back here. This is really hard. I feel like I’m living in hell. I’m defeated. I’m getting a barrage of abuse.”

Afterwards, Brian is left alone in the sky room in the garden looking over the top to the outside world. Nick goes up as Brian is climbing over the top. Nick tries to stop him but Brian is already gone. The other housemates run up. Helen says, “It’s attention!”

Brian leaves the house, as Helen reflects on the argument.

She tells Danny: “I wish I’d chosen to say things better sometimes. I think it’s a good thing to be honest... I don’t think before I speak. I do things wrong. I said it to provoke a reaction.”

Helen adds: "I don’t want [Brian] around me. He makes my skin crawl.”

Nikki is in the Diary Room. “I just need to know that Brian’s ok. Tell him that I love him so much and I’m here for him. Me and Nick love him so much. I know he’s strong. It would break my heart that those evil bullies drove him out of this house.

"I feel weak here without Brian. I hope I can muster up the strength to get though the next two days. I didn’t want to let them ruin this for me. I feel now I’m going to act strong when if I don’t feel strong. I know more than anything Helen wants me to go. I don’t want to give her the satisfaction of leaving. I want to stay her to the last minute to try to get under her skin.”

Brian and Helen.
Brian and Helen.

Catch all the drama at 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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