Big Brother 2015: Nikki Grahame upset after Brian Belo leaves the house


Nikki Grahame has been left in tears after Brian Belo left the Big Brother house.

Brian quit Big Brother last night following a row with Helen Wood.

She branded both Brian and Nikki "fake' and accused them of being liars, while Brian hit back calling her a Dementor and "pond scum".

Brian ended up deciding to quit the house shortly after the row in scenes to air on tonight's show at 10PM on Channel 5.

Being comforted by Nick Henderson after Brian's exit, Nikki was in tears.

"It's okay he'll probably be alright, he just needed to get out. I'll look after you," Nick promised, as Helen was still going on.

Nikki remarked: "At least no ones going to make him cry on the outside, I feel like I let him down.

Nick insisted: "There's nothing you could have done, if he felt like that I wish he would've said."

Nikki revealed: "I would've gone after him if it wasn't for you."

"I'm going to look after you now," added Nick.

"I love you Nick," replied Nicky.

The row, Brian’s exit and all the fallout will play out when Big Brother continues Wednesday night on Channel 5 at 10PM.

This week EIGHT housemates – Cristian, Sam, Harry, Simon, Jack, Joel, Danny and Nick – all face eviction from the house with one leaving this Friday night

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