Big Brother 2015: Helen Wood kicks off with "fake" Brian Belo and Nikki Grahame!

Big Brother

Brian Belo and Helen Wood have been arguing once again in the Big Brother house.

Their latest huge row kicked off in the house tonight (Tuesday) when Big Brother stirred things up with questions for the group to answer.

Jack's question was 'Which housemate do you think puts themselves before others?' He said Nikki. Those who agreed were then invited to stand up and provide reasons.

Both Helen and Marc jumped up with Helen saying: "I came into the house with Nikki and Brian and I feel that Nikki constantly puts herself first."

Marc commented: "For me, it was a let own for me meeting you, this week I think you and Brian are only here for the money."

Danny Wisker then claimed that all three of the Time Warp housemates were there for the money, which Helen was quick to deny.

"That's so unfair, I do want to be here, I really do want to be here," Helen said. "I've actually made an effort with everybody, I don't just jump up in a task like these two [Nikki and Brian] and rise to the moment and this character comes out but during the day they're half asleep."

As Helen accused Brian and Nikki of being "fake", Brian responded: "The reason for the last days I've been in the bathroom or up in the sky room is when I'm around you, both of you [Helen and Marc] my energy gets so subtracted, you're like the Dementors from Harry Potter.

"You can do that smug grin, yes I've been quieter than I've normally been because the pair of you make me feel this big. You tag team people."

Marc was quick to deny Brian's suggestion while Helen claimed: "I don't lie, people know where they stand with me.

"Everyone is going to know what a liar you are, both of you, liars."

Brian retorted: "Coming form you I don't care what you say, I really couldn't care. That's 'cause you're pond scum to me, pond scum."

Big Brother continues Wednesday night on Channel 5.

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