Big Brother 2015 nominations: Now SEVEN face eviction this week...

Big Brother

Now seven housemates face eviction from the Big Brother 2015 house this week... as things stand.

Friday night saw Jade evicted in the latest eviction before Big Brother revealed that time in the house had been paused, leaving Time Warp housemates Nikki Grahame, Helen Wood and Brian Belo to stay.

Time Warp week then immediately continued with the start of 'nominations tag'. Jade nominated Cristian from the studio outside the house seeing him put up for eviction once again.

On Saturday Big Brother invited Cristian to give his nomination as part of the return of the Time Warp Machine. With the machine activated, all housemates had to stand still and stay frozen except Cristian. He nominated Sam Kay.

In the afternoon, Sam got to nominate as again the Time Warp Machine activated. She went to stand next to Harry Amelia Martin to signify her nomination.

Saturday night night Harry gave her nomination, picking Simon Gross while yesterday afternoon it was Simon's turn to nominate and he picked Jack McDermott. Last saw Jack called upon to give his nomination, picking Joel.

This morning and Joel nominated Danny: "The housemate I wish to nominate is Danny. I think sometimes Danny can be quite indecisive and as a house I don't think that's beneficial for us. I think it's helpful for clarity to know where a person stands."

Danny was told he would nominate next, meaning at least one more housemate will be up for eviction alongside himself, Joel, Jack, Simon, Harry, Sam and Cristian.

However only Chloe and Nick remain not nominated, leaving Danny with little choice.

And with so many up it also means that a twist is almost certainly on its way...

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with the latest show Monday night at 10PM.

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