Big Brother 2015: It all kicks off AGAIN after Jade-Martina Lynch is nominated

Big Brother

There were rows in the Big Brother house once again this evening after the latest nomination was made.

Tonight saw the Time Warp housemates deliver their fourth and final nomination as they chose Jade-Martina Lynch to face eviction.

Nikki Grahame and Helen Wood wanted Jade up although Brian Belo fought her corner.

However with three votes to one, Jade was nominated as Helen said: “Although we feel you are a great member of the team, other members do give a bit more effort than you. We’re also a bit weary why you do move around the group when it comes to men.”

Jade reacted: "I totally get it but I don't jump from man to man in this house, I haven't kissed anyone in this house.

"I don't care I'm up for nomination, you guys have to do a job and I understand that. I like Nick as a friend, mine and Nick's situation was very clear from the start then I cuddled Cristian because I actually like him, nothing sexual. Then Brian came in the house and I really like him on that level."

Helen replied: "Other guys have got a different impression..."

It prompted Danny Wisker to speak up: "I think you've gone from guy to guy who you think at that moment is a hot topic or popular person. I don't hate you Jade but that's just my personal opinion. We're only going on what we see."

Cristian also spoke up, claiming that Jade did a lot more than cuddle him and was often approaching him to be intimate out of the blue.

"Why you touch my leg? That's too far," he told her.

Jade snapped: "Pipe down, pipe the f**k down, I was never sexually attracted to you, ever, so cut your s**t. Cristian, little boy.

"I'm not f**king sexually attracted to no one in this house."

Cristian concluded: "You’re the biggest game player in this house."

This week sees Jade, Cristian, Chloe Wilburn and Harry Amelia Martin all up for eviction.

What do you make of the nominated housemates? Who do you think will be going home? Vote in our poll below!

Big Brother airs at 9PM tonight on Channel 5 with all the latest highlights and Jade’s nomination fallout.

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