Big Brother 2015 spoilers: Cristian gets nominated and it all kicks off again


The Big Brother Time Warp housemates deliver their latest nomination in the house tonight and it all kicks off.

Earlier in the week the Time Warp group - Marc O'Neill, Helen Wood, Brian Belo and Nikki Grahame - nominated Harry Amelia and Chloe.

In this evening's show, Marc tells Cristian that he was potentially up for nomination and he thinks he needs to step up his behaviour. Marc expresses that he hates, “brown-nosers”.

Later, the Time Warp Housemates are called to the Diary Room. Nikki groans with frustration as she was in bed. Marc says, “I want to do some more horrible things. I enjoy it.”

Big Brother asks them for their third nomination. Helen says, “My vote’s Cristian. He brings the less conversation. Jack’s a pain in the arse but he still brings something to the house.”

Brian says, “I think Cristian is coming out of his shell.”

Nikki suggests Jack. Brian suggests Sam. Marc instigates a vote. Helen, Nikki and Marc vote Cristian. Brian looks annoyed that he’s being outnumbered. Cristian is nominated.

Big Brother then gathers the Housemates on the sofa and announces that Cristian has been nominated. Helen explains, “We still think you’re not offering much to the house.”

Cristian says maybe they think that because other housemates have been sucking up to them. He says, “I’m not here to bring entertainment to the house. It’s to experience a journey for myself.”

Helen and Marc disagree with him. Helen asks how Cristian would like them to pick people. Cristian responds that although Marc says he does not like people sucking up, some of the people that bitched about him the most when he left are the same people spending most time with him now he is back. Cristian then names Nick and Simon as these people. Nick admits this is true.

Brian says, “It wasn’t anything to do with me, I tried to save him. I picked Sam. I thought I’d be friends with [Cristian] on the outside world. You [Marc] claim you’re friends with him but you put him up.”

Helen responds that they have to think about entertainment. Brian responds, “The only entertainment you bring is nastiness. Eat s**t.”

Later in the garden, Cristian explains his reaction to Nick. Cristian says,”It’s been so obvious who you’ve been running too. I’m sick of game players.” Nick responds, “I don’t think it’s a game. It’s just a bit cowardly.” Cristian says, “I told you to man up.”


Meanwhile, Marc and Brian are making up in store room. Brian tells him, “The way you’ve gone about the time situation, you’re getting drunk on power. You’re heartless and I feel like [Helen] brings out the worst in you. "

Marc talks about some of the housemates saying, "I would put my neck out for Danny because I know what he would do for me.” They hug and make up

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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