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Here's all the latest from the Big Brother house as the Time Warp housemates continue to stir things up.

- Nikki revealed her belief in a government conspiracy involving aliens and time travel. She also reckons the sea will kill us all after seeing it on a documentary.

- Having spent the night in the bunker to stay away from Helen, Brian returned to the main house but things remained rather frosty between him and last year's champ.

- Nick warned Marc he was taking his ‘calling people out’ too far.

- Helen and Harry had things out with Harry talking to Helen about her ‘wife’ and step daughter.

- The housemates were split into two teams for a new task. The red team - Danny, Marc, Jade, Nikki, Sam, Jack and Brian - lost to the blue team - Helen, Simon, Nick, Chloe, Harry and Critsian - in a VERY messy challenge involving fish guts and gunge to win a garden party.

- After losing the task Nikki threw quite the tantrum as she washed off in the bathroom.

- After two days, Danny and Jack came to the realisation that the claims made about them by Nikki and Brian at the weekend probably weren’t true as Jack conceded he probably didn’t have 200,000 Twitter followers.

- Jack and Danny revealed how they were considering leaving the house.

- In the evening, the Time Warp housemates nominated a THIRD housemate for eviction.

- Later, Jade and Brian got VERY close in the bedroom as their unlikely coupling went even further.

- The latest BBUK highlights air at 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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