Big Brother 2015: It all kicks off after latest Time Warp nomination!

Big Brother

It all kicks off on tonight's Big Brother 2015 as the Time Warp housemates deliver their latest nomination.

It was revealed earlier today that Chloe faces eviction this week having been chosen by Marc, Helen, Brian and Nikki.

However after the announcement is made, Brian expresses his annoyance saying, “I didn’t really get a choice in who I was picking. Then when the girl’s crying her eyes out they still want to attack her.” He adds that he’s angry he’s part of something with, “People who are so thoughtless and heartless.”

Chloe says, “It’s not the first time I’ve been told I’m boring and not the first time I’ve been nominated.”

Marc responds, “You tell me who’s undeserving more than you?” Chloe responds, “You’re saying that I deserve it least.” Marc says that they considered Danny and Cristian as well because they were, “Boring as f**k.” Helen says that they have been put in the house to nominate them and although it’s not nice, they have to do it and adds, “It’s easier if we do it because then you lot are all closer.”

Brian is in Diary Room, saying, “They have no respect for anyone apart from themselves. They’re thoughtless and heartless...I feel ashamed to be part of Team Bunker… Team Evil! These people are not nice people.” Talking about Helen and Marc , he adds, “I can’t stand being put in the same category.”

Jack sticks up for Brian saying he was right. Jack says, “I’m standing up for something I believe in. You showed no respect.” Helen says, “I’ve not picked on that girl.” Helen then accuses Jack of picking on people and uses Simon as an example. Marc says, “If she doesn’t want to act like a big girl, she’s in the wrong place.”

Danny then tries to diplomatically explain why both Brian and Jack got annoyed while Helen and Marc respond by saying that Brian over reacted and in the bunker, he was the first one to suggest Chloe.

Marc then goes to the Diary Room as he is annoyed. He says, “[Chloe] got nominated for being a boring bitch. She does nothing! You cry for being nominated!”

Big Brother 2015 airs at 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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