Big Brother 2015 spoilers: Time Warp housemates reveal their next nomination

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A second housemate has been nominated for the latest Big Brother 2015 eviction.

This week as part of the Time Warp twist, Marc O'Neill together with former housemates Helen Wood, Nikki Grahame and Brian Belo were all in charge of this week's nominations.

The group spent the weekend spying on the group from a secret bunker before moving to the main house.

On Sunday night and in a special live show the four piece made their first vote, putting Harry Amelia Martin up for eviction.

In tonight's show (Monday) the group reveal their latest choice after grilling the current housemates in a task.

Marc, Helen, Nikki and Brian form a panel to hold individual chats with the remaining housemates to establish why they deserve their place in the house.

The other housemates were told they would be quizzed on their personalities, their time in the house and what they still have to offer, selling themselves as the ultimate Big Brother housemate.

After the interviews, housemates were gathered on the sofa to find out who else has been nominated this week. Each Housemate has been given a golden envelope. Each envelope contains a card with just one saying, “NOMINATED”. Chloe has been nominated.

She responds, “I had a feeling. No worries.” Marc apologises saying it had to be done. Chloe starts to cry and points at some of the other housemates picking out their talents or future prospects. She says, “What’s wrong with being normal? It don’t make me boring.”

Marc and Helen talk over her saying, “That’s not fair.” Brian says, “We have just nominated her. We should give her the benefit of the doubt and let her say what she wants to say otherwise we are just picking on this girl.”

Helen gets annoyed with Brian for using the words, “Picking on”. Brian and Helen start to argue. Danny intervenes trying to calm the situation saying that Brian is saying Chloe should be allowed to express her feelings about being nominated.

Marc and Helen say that they want Chloe to know that it is not because she is normal. Nikki tells Brian that he’s over reacting. Marc quietens everyone so that Chloe can talk.

Brian is still clearly annoyed and agitated. Chloe says, “It’s not the first time that it’s come up that I least deserve it and I just feel like I do deserve it.” Brian gets angry and walks off.

Big Brother 2015 airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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