Big Brother 2015: Housemates eat pies and have disgusting bath in latest task

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The Big Brother contestants faced all sorts of challenges for their latest shopping task yesterday.

The housemates awoke to find that the house had been split into six zones which they had to win access to if they wanted to use.

The group began in the living zone where they were told they had to remain for the next two days unless the won access to other zones.

The first zone up for grabs was The Kitchen Zone which saw Chloe and Jack having to scoff pies until they found four numbers hiding within them. The four numbers were the combination to unlock the zone but the pair FAILED, leaving them locked in The Kitchen Zone and the other housemates stuck still in the Living Zone.

The next zone was The Bathroom Zone with Harry, Joel and Nick sharing a disgusting bath. They had to answer ‘dirty questions’ from Big Brother about their fellow housemates and get at least six of the ten correct to pass and unlock the zone for use.

The third and final challenge of the day involved Nick, Simon and Jade in the Bedroom Zone. Jade had to guide a blindfolded Nick and Simon across the bedroom to obtain a key to unlock the zone, avoiding obstacles. They FAILED leaving them locked in The Bedroom Zone and the other housemates unable to enter.

As a result, Chloe and Jack had to spend the night in the kitchen while the the other housemates - minus Nick, Simon and Jade - slept in the living area.

The task continues today while the highlights from yesterday will air in tonight's latest show from 10PM on Channel 5.

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