Big Brother housemates get latest shopping task: The Zone

the zone

Big Brother has set the housemates their latest shopping task, The Zone.

The task seems to be a tribute to (or a ripoff of, we're not sure yet) The Crystal Maze gameshow.

This morning the group awoke to find that parts of the house had been zoned off with a map similar to what used to feature in The Crystal Maze on the wall of the living room.

The housemates began stuck in the Living Room Zone and were told the rest of the house had been split into five other zones:

- The Kitchen Zone
- The Bathroom Zone
- The Bedroom Zone
- The Diary Zone
- The Garden Zone

As things stand, housemates cannot use any of the five other zones until they've earned access and must remain in the living area.

Over the next two days, the group will be a set a challenge in each of the five zones.

For each challenge, Big Brother will tell the housemates how many of them are needed and give a clue as to what the challenge involves before asking them to select who will take part.

The selected housemates will then take on the challenge within the zone and if they pass, win access to that zone for them and the rest of the group, as well as allowing them to take on other challenges.

HOWEVER, should the housemates attempting the challenge fail then they'll be locked in the zone and will have to remain there for the duration of the task, including sleeping.

The more zones the housemates unlock the better the chances they have of winning a luxury shopping budget at the end of the task.

BB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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