Big Brother 2015: Cristian MJC a big fat fake according to former school pal

Big Brother

A former school pal of Big Brother housemate Cristian MJC claims he's faking most of his persona.

Although we'd like to think that if Cristian has been telling some pork pies they'd have been ones that made him more entertaining rather than the possibly one of the show's most boring housemates.

The London rapper - real name Matthew Clarkson - has so proved pretty dull in the series so far.

And according to an old school pal the 'real' Cristian is even less than interesting.

“The news that Cristian, or Matthew as we know him, was entering the Big Brother house has been met by a great deal of disbelief and ridicule by everyone who knew him in school," they told The Sun newspaper in an interview today. “The rap career is a bit of a mystery to us all.

“Matt is from Lancashire but after school moved down to London obviously to pursue this ‘career’ and managed to develop a questionable South London accent in the first few months of being there.”

The unnamed friend called Cristian's claims of growing up 'on the streets' as "bogus", saying: "At that age he was still living in a quiet Lancashire town and attending Clitheroe Royal Grammar School.”

And the friend also claimed: “I think that he definitely liked to believe that he was a ladies man, however the vast majority of girls that I know just found him to be cringe-worthy and obnoxious, especially after he uploaded his first couple of ‘rap vids’ to Facebook.”

If Cristian is trying to re-invent himself it hasn't quite worked out with his former housemates having previously seen straight through it all after nicknaming him "cringe bag."

Still, he's a nice enough guy.