Big Brother 2015 update: Wishing well task, huge row and stripping lessons

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Here's all of the latest news and titbits from Big Brother this morning.

- Yesterday housemates were a Wishing Well task. They were encouraged to ‘Wish’ for changes from their fellow housemates, writing anonymous notes about one another and placing them in the well. Housemates then each read out the wishes that had been written about them and those who wrote them had the chance to come forward if they wanted to.

- Wishes included “I wish Harry Amelia would limit her nakedness to the bedroom and garden”, “I wish Marc would put some trousers on” and “I wish Simon would enjoy the experience more”

- But things kicked right off between Marc and Harry Amelia during the task leading to quite the swear-laden row.

- In the evening, Marc taught some of the other male housemates - including Jack - a stripping routine, although they all kept their clothes on.

- And after that, Marc told the housemates all about his birth in a story that featured a unicorn, concrete blowing dragon and a phoenix. "True story," he concluded. "You should do really bad comedy," Sam replied.

- It's been claimed today that BB housemate Cristian is a faker after an interview with a former school friend.

- Tonight's latest highlights show is back on Channel 5 at 10PM

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