Big Brother 2015: It kicks off between Marc O'Neill and Harry Amelia Martin


It all kicked off in the Big Brother 2015 house tonight between Marc O'Neill and Harry Amelia Martin.

The pair locked horns in a new task set by Big Brother, the Wishing Well.

The housemates were encouraged to 'Wish' for changes from their fellow housemates, writing anonymous notes about one another and placing them in the well.

Housemates then each read out the wishes that had been written about them and those who wrote them had the chance to come forward if they wanted to.

Wishes included "I wish Harry Amelia would limit her nakedness to the bedroom and garden", "I wish Marc would put some trousers on" and "I wish Simon would enjoy the experience more"

But things got heated when Marc read out Harry's wish about him, claiming he was 'picking' on people and wasting food.

"He just f**ks me off in general because he's a d**k," Harry explained.

Marc, who originally thought that it was Danny who had penned the note, replied: "I avoid you because to be honest you make me feel uncomfortable, you're a creepy creature and I f**king hate you."

"Keep avoiding me then!" Harry snapped.

"I will, f**king cretin," Marc replied.

Later on and Marc ranted to Cristian: "She a dirty, smelly f**king little pig, moaning over nothing because she can't handle the house, licking bum, leading him on, making stupid noises keeping us all awake, getting her poxy looking ***s out.

"How the f**k did she get in? She's dangerous man... She's a pig, I f**ing hate her."

Meanwhile, Harry Amelia was also off on one to Danny in the bedroom: "He shouldn't f**king breathe the same air as me, if that's the game he wants to play and avoid me then he needs to avoid me all the time.

"He needs to learn if he's going to dish it out to people he's got to take it. He's a hypocrite. He said 'It's a task, everybody's in here for a laugh, don't take anything serious', I say s**t about him in the task and he gets f**king mardy about it."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5 with the task highlights airing Monday evening.

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