Big Brother 2015 spoilers: Time is put on rewind in the house

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Big Brother has sprung its latest Timebomb twist on the housemates this weekend.

This Saturday morning the group awoke to find that time inside the house had been flipped on its head after they Big Brother started the day with a "good evening".

"Today, Big Brother has reversed time. Morning has become night and morning will becoming night as you move throughout the day," BB explained.

And what better way to start the day than a midnight rave, with the group being told to put on their best clothes for a dance party.

However Jack complained: "It's too f**king early for that."

The task will continue with a champagne breakfast for dinner later this evening while housemates won't be able to go to bed tonight as they'll be awoken by the sound of a loud cock-a-doodle-doo alarm.

The Channel 5 website also teases: "There will also be a couple of BIG surprises which may flip the already topsysidey House on its head."

We already know that this week will see a FAKE eviction with the launch of a huge new Timebomb twist next weekend.

Whoever is nominated will face the public vote but rather than leaving they will move to a secret lair and be joined by some 'legendary' ex housemates.

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