Big Brother 2015: Housemates get gifts and forfeits in latest task

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The Big Brother housemates have enjoyed some gift giving as part of their latest task.

Today the housemates were gathered together and invited one by one into the Diary Room.

In the Diary Room were a selection of sealed gifts. Each housemate had to pick one at random and open it in private to see what was inside before then closing the gift.

They then had to return to the house and give it to another housemate of their choosing, explaining the reasons for their choice without revealing the contents of the gift.

The intended recipient could either accept the gift or reject it, returning it to the sender to have.

Of course, this being Big Brother, not all the gifts were good. Some housemates may have definitely wanted to get rid of their gift while others may have hoped it would be rejected and sent back so they could enjoy it themselves.

The results!

Nick offered his gift to Simon. Simon rejected the gift.
The gift was a date for two which Nick can now use for himself and another housemate of his choosing.

Jade offered his gift to Simon. Simon rejected the gift.
The gift was a punishment of having to wear a boiler suit only until further notice. Jack had to give up his clothes and get dressed in the boiler suit.

Jade offered her gift to Harry. Harry accepted the gift.
The gift was a pair of handcuffs. As giver of the gift, Jade had to pick which housemate Harry would be shackled to and she chose Mark. The pair must remain together, except for going to the toilet, until further notice.

Danny offered his gift to Sam. Sam accepted the gift.
The gift was a paper bag with the words 'I Don't Exist' on it. Sam must wear the bag over her head until further notice. The other housemates must not speak to or acknowledge Sam until further notice.

Simon offered her gift to Sam. Chloe rejected the gift.
The gift was a phone call to home which Simon will be able to use in the Diary Room.

The task highlights air on tonight's show on Channel 5.

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