Big Brother 2015: Eileen Daly blasts "two faced bastard" Simon Gross!

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Eileen Daly makes her feelings VERY clear about Simon Gross in Big Brother tonight.

For the latest shopping task, housemates have been split into Brothers and Pledges as part of the Beta Beta fraternity.

And in tonight's show, the Brothers get to quiz the Pledges who must answer honestly... or get shocked.

The first question is directed at Eileen. “Who is the most two faced housemate? She responds, “Simon as he’s terribly nice to my face, he’s all over me like a rash but then he nominates me due to my age.”

She adds, “Then the two faced bastard comes out and cries like a baby!” Harry asks him if she thinks he was acting. Eileen says, “I feel they were crocodile tears and he was trying to weedle his way back into the fold.”

Simon is then asked: “Were your tears real last night?” Simon responds “I know they were real. I’m sorry guys but they were real. I regret doing what I did.” Marc defends him, “He knows he did wrong.” Harry shocks him.

Later, Joel is asked, “Which housemate is playing the game?” Joel responds, “Simon is playing the game. He wants to come in and stir the pot. In line with the game playing comes fakeness.

"Simon is portraying a person that he isn’t on the outside. It’s been demonstrated with nomination.” Although Joel has been judged to tell the truth, Marc still wants to press the button. Joel challenges Marc, “Grow some balls and press it.” Joel is shocked repeatedly but does not change his expression.

Simon is then in the Diary Room talking about today’s task, “[It was] Very upsetting. It was very brutal. I think if Joel could get rid of me now he would.

“I don’t understand why I’m being painted out to be a bad person because I’m not. Or fake. Untrustworthy. Maybe I’ve changed as I’ve gotten older. Maybe I’ve lost some of the values I had when I was younger.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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