Big Brother 2015: Secret room sees housemates get to spy on one another!

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Big Brother has introduced one of his favourite twists: A secret room.

For this week's shopping task, the Big Brother house has been transformed into the Beta Beta fraternity house.

Marc is the fraternity leader while Cristian, Harry and Nick were all accepted into the fraternity, all becoming Beta Beta Brothers. The Brothers have control of the house are living a life of luxury. The Pledges must do everything the Brothers ask and are confined to the 'Basement' (Task room).

Yesterday saw Chloe, Simon, Eileen and Danny all prove themselves to win a spot in the fraternity while Jade, Joel, Jack and Sam had to spend the night in the Basement.

However the Brothers are unaware that the Pledges can SPY on them from the Basement with secret cameras and headphones.

Last night saw the four remaining Pledges get a glimpse into goings on without them around as Harry Amelia and Nick continued to flirt.

"I thinks he really likes Nick," Jade said. "I think they're lovely together. Nick needs to grow a set of balls and go in for the kiss."

Later, Big Brother allowed the Pledges to pick two housemates to secretly question other housemates in the Diary Room.

They chose Simon and Marc. Simon and Marc were asked, “Who do you think will be evicted on Friday?” They both picked Joel. Marc said, “Eileen is more entertaining.”

They were asked then asked, “Who do you think will be the final 3?” Simon answered, “Eileen, Nick… and myself.” The Pledges were annoyed about this as it contradicts what he says in front of them.

They were asked about a divide in the house. They commented that it is too friendly and ultimately boring.

Simon said, “They should be looking up to me and learning from me.” Jack said to the screen, “You’re a snake!”

Jade concludes, “We’ve come to the conclusion, Marc’s a good guy but Simon’s the one we need to look out for.”

Unfortunately for the Pledges when they awoke this morning they had little time to continue to spy on the rest of the group as instead they were called upon by the Brothers to clean up all the mess from their Toga party last night.

The highlights from the task air this evening at 10PM on Channel 5.

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