Big Brother housemates will do (almost) anything for a life of luxury

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The desperate Big Brother housemates last night proved they'd (almost) anything for an easy time in the house.

For this week's shopping task, the Big Brother house has been transformed into the Beta Beta fraternity house.

Marc is the fraternity leader while Cristian, Harry and Nick were all accepted into the fraternity, all becoming Beta Beta Brothers.

The other housemates began the task as Pledges have had to do whatever the the Brothers requested (so long as it doesn't break the main Big Brother rules) from making food to carrying them to the toilet, as well as having to stay in on the floor in the task room 'basement' unless otherwise called upon.

Chloe and Simon won their way into the fraternity after completing a 'honesty' task and last night the remaining Pledges had to do their best to entertain the Brothers, who were enjoying a Toga party in the main house.

Jack and Danny went head to head with an array of props including baked beans, dog food, fake tan, a clown costume and an electric razor and did all sorts in a bid to win their way into the fraternity and enjoy the privileges that came with it.

And while the pair were quick to degrade themselves with many of the items provided they both refused to shave off their hair when requested by Marc.

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The highlights of the task will air from 10PM tonight on Channel 5.

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