Big Brother 2015: Another huge row follows nominations reveal

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Big Brother has revealed the latest set of nominations and it's resulted in a huge argument.

In last night’s show, we Big Brother call newbies Simon, Sam, Harry and Marc to the Diary Room to tell them that public had chosen Sam and Simon alone to decide who will face eviction this week, a decision to be kept secret.

Later, all of the Housemates were gathered on the sofa and were told only two of the new Housemates will be nominating this week but that the identity of these Housemates will be kept a secret.

Tonight (Monday), Big Brother revealed it was Sam and Simon who had nominated Eileen as well as Joel and Jack, who had saved himself with his last immunity pass.

And things immediately kicked off between Jack and Simon over Eileen's nomination.

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Jack snapped: "You've come in here welcoming Eileen, being nice to Eileen. I'd have rather you nominated me than Eileen. You're a f**king snake."

Simon replied: "Maybe I am, what are you going to do about it?"

With Simon's calmness seemingly working Jack up, the other housemates encouraged the fast food worker to calm down but he shouted: "I will not f**king calm down. You're a two faced snake, I knew it."

Eileen also had her say with Simon but he was quick to rubbish any idea of the pair ever being friends.

"You're not my best friend, Eileen's not my best friend, I've only know her three days," he said.

Afterwards, Eileen ranted to Chloe and Marc in the bedroom: "What an old fart, he's complaining about everyone, what a two faced snake in the park. I am angry, I am f**king angry. I am so angry. And he's the one going 'I want to my sleep. He's so f**king two faced."

Meanwhile Sam was in tears over the nominations as she apologised to Jack and lay the blame squarely on Simon.

Come the evening and Simon seemed to be backtracking and even offered to QUIT the show: "If you want to stay I will go," he told Eileen.

She replied: "I couldn't stay in the house with you. I'll go on Friday and you can stay."

Later, Simon sobbed to the group: "I f**ked up with Eileen and I regret it. I feel it would be honourable, I feel I should leave. What I don't want is for you guys to feel I'm a b***h and a snake... I'm so sorry"

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As things stand, Eileen and Joel both face eviction from the house on Friday.

Eileen declared to Joel in the bedroom: "If I stay, it's game on."

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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