Big Brother 2015 latest: Nominations, arguments and tears

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Here's all the latest news from the Big Brother 2015 house after a VERY dramatic day.

- Jack was shocked to find GREY hairs, leading to Chloe to attempt a DIY dye job using mascara.

- Marc spent the afternoon ‘pranking’ the housemates, much to their annoyance.

- The original housemates ended up bitching about the newbie in the bedroom, unaware that he was listening in to the whole thing. He went in to tell them: “The walls are very thin...”

- Chloe cried to Big Brother in the Diary Room about Marc: “I can’t stand him, I can’t be around him, he’s horrible. He’s always shouting at us and picking on us all the time. He’s just a d**khead”

- Jade was given a secret task to be awkward with her fellow housemates for a special reward.

- There was a row between Simon and the originals after he branded them dull and boring.

- In the evening, Big Brother gathered the group to announce two more nominations from Simon and Sam and reveal them as the secret nominators.

- Following the nominations reveal there was a huge argument that ended in tears in the early hours.

- Ratings for the show have continued to climb with another 1.1 million viewers tuning last night.

- Catch all the latest BB highlights on Channel 5 tonight from 10PM.

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