Big Brother 2015: Angry and upset, will 'the originals' stage a mass walkout?

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The Big Brother 2015 'originals' are seen in tears on tonight's show as they adjust to Friday's big shake up.

Four housemates - five people - left on Friday evening while four newbies have entered

And it seems like a mass walkout could be on the cards as Marc O'Neill in particular continues to - in his words - " f**k shit up."

In tonight's show, Jade-Martina Lynch is the first who comes into the Diary Room and starts to cry. “I want to go home and I can’t do this. It is too much”.

Meanwhile, new housemate Sam Kay is with Nick Henderson in the garden talking about Marc, Nick comments “he is very contagious. We like you all. Apart from Jade and Marc, that isn’t working.”

Chloe Wilburn then comes to the Diary Room. It feels like there are more of them than us. I am missing Harriet especially."

Chloe starts to cry. “We are so similar and had such a good time together, she would be going ape shit at the new people.”

Finally, Danny Wisker comes to talk to Jack McDermott in the bedroom who is crying. Danny comforts him “it is hard mate, even I have broken down, we are surrounded by people who we don’t want to be.

Jack replies, “It was just hard to see them go.” Danny comments “I haven’t stopped thinking about it I miss them like hell.”

Elsewhere, Marc is talking to Chloe “I am out next week and I know this” Chloe replies “I am not daft, I don’t follow the crowd I am not stupid”

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