Big Brother viewers to reward or punish housemates in new shopping task

Big Brother

Big Brother viewers will get the chance to reward or punish the housemates as part of the latest shopping task.

The latest Timebomb has dropped in the house today as the housemates have been whizzed forward in time to 2050.

And in the future, the every day running of the house has been left to Big Bot, Big Brother's supercomputer.

The shock suits are back (yes, already) with each of the housemates having to wear black uniforms that will give them a jolt when Big Bot wants their attention.

Over the next two days, the housemates will be set a number of experiments to test how well they have adapted to life in the future.

For each experiment they successfully pass they will win more time for the final task.

In the final task, housemates will enter the Time Machine Room and must successfully transport themselves back to 2015 to win a luxury shopping budget.

As part of the task, us viewers have got the chance to reward one housemate and punish one housemate, with twins Amy and Sally counted separately for this.

You can vote for which housemate you want to reward and/or punish in THIS survey on the Big Brother website.

However it's not been revealed just what the punishment or reward will be.

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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