Big Brother's Sarah Greenwood and Danny Wisker talk about all of their feelings

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Big Brother's Sarah Greenwood and Danny Wisker have had a heart to heart in the garden about their feelings for one another.

A potential romance looked likely between the two singletons but it quickly fizzled out as the other housemates tried to push the pair together, leaving them feeling awkward.

Keen to try and get over that awkwardness today, Sarah and Danny attempted to sort things out between them but it didn't really seem to get anywhere.

Sarah claimed that Danny was one of the housemates she was least closest to in the house, explaining: "I've not been able to get to know you because of this."

Danny admitted: "I did feel uncomfortable... I just want to have that friendship where we could just up to each other and have a cuddle without anyone questioning it."

"If you felt like that why have you made it awkward?" Sarah quizzed him. "You've made it awkward, not me."

Danny explained how 'speculation' from the other housemates and even Big Brother over his feelings for Sarah made him "back off".

"So if you came over to me, I was a bit offish," he told her, adding: "But on the outside, different story."

He added: "I'm sorry for pushing you way, I shouldn't be reserved like that, I shouldn't give a f**k what people think. As long as me and you are on a level and know where we both stand."

However Sarah replied: "I don't think we do."

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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