Big Brother 2015: Who's bitching about Eileen Daly now?

Big Brother

Tensions in the Big Brother house have continued to rise in the house this evening with a clear split amongst the housemates.

While all of the guys have been getting on the girls are at one another's throats.

Twins Amy and Sally have seemingly teamed up with Eileen against Jade after her nominations discussion that got the whole house punished.

Sarah and Harriet have become stuck in the middle and while they've admitted Jade 'did wrong' they reckon that the twins and Eileen in particular are being petty.

"She [Jade] did something wrong but I don't think she's the only one guilty in here," Sarah said today. "We're all gossiping in here but the only thing she did was mention nominations."

Harriet said: "Eileen's on it now. Just grow up, grow up!"

Sarah added: "It's not right from somebody who is 50 years old."

The chat came after an attempt between Jade and the twins to clear the air earlier today got nowhere.

"There was negative emotion for me from you," Jade told the twins.

But they replied: "Saying you don't click with someone as much as others isn't the same as saying I'm going to nominate you next week."

Jade accused the girls of being more concerned about what the public think than the 'experience', while they hit back by claiming she was having a showmance with Nick.

"I don't feel that your relationship is genuine," one twin said. "I can just tell."

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