Big Brother 2015 spoilers: Four more housemates to enjoy life of luxury

Big Brother

Four more housemates have joined Jade-Martina Lynch in living a life of luxury in the Big Brother 2015 house.

Last night saw Jade share her luxury privileges - which include food, hot water, appliances and access to the pool - with two others.

She chose Aaron Frew and Nick Henderson and the trio enjoyed a VIP banquet in the garden.

Somehow Joel has also managed to win his way into sharing Jade's life of luxury, although it's not entirely clear how.

It left the other 10 people in the house on basic rations, but this evening saw BB give them a chance to enjoy luxury privileges.

Today the other housemates went head to head in a series of challenges, from waxing legs to smashing eggs, arm wrestling to drinking disgusting cocktails.

The pair's were as follows:

Chloe v Harriet

Cristian v Kieran

Sarah v Eileen

Jack v Danny

Amy v Sally

Big Brother told the group that the loser of each challenge would remain on basic rations.

However in a twist, the winner's didn't automatically get to join Jade. Instead, she had to pick just three of the five.

Jade chose Jack, Harriet and Sarah who join herself, Aaron, Nick and Joel in living life in luxury.

Cristian, Kieran, Amy & Sally, Danny, Eileen and Chloe are stuck eating rice and beans.

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