Big Brother 2015: Sarah Greenwood and Cristian clash over eviction

Big Brother

Sarah Greenwood clashes with Cristian in tonight's Big Brother 2015 following the latest eviction.

It was Adjoa Mensah who got the cut last night as Sarah and Eileen Daly survived the chop.

In this evening's episode and after the live show, the Housemates are sat at the dining room table when Sarah asks why they are not celebrating.

Cristian asks, “What are we celebrating?”

Sarhah replies: “That we have done our first eviction! I’m not saying let’s celebrate Adjoa is gone so don’t even make it out like that Cristian”

Cristian angrily responds “what the f**k are you talking about?!” Sarah bites back “Don’t start with me”

Sarah then goes into the garden and Aaron comes to speak to her, she comments: “I keep trying to give the kid the benefit of the doubt, I really do but he snaps.

"I don’t want to be in a conversation with him as he takes things too sensitively or the wrong way!”

Sarah and Cristian have continued to bicker in the house today with the pair clashing over bread when Cristian felt Sarah was 'having a go at him'.

She denied that and said: "I've tried harder with you, harder than anyone else. The one thing I am not is two faced, I am extremely straight, if I am saying something that is in a nasty way you'll 100% know about it."

Sarah then claimed: "I feel as if you say something to make people fire. That's how it looks and how it feels."

Elsewhere in tonight's show there are tears from Danny Wisker.

Danny and Jade prepare to meditate in the bedroom when Danny begins to cry and he sobs: “I just feel whenever I walk into a room people are talking about me”

Big Brother 2015 airs tonight at 9:20PM on Channel 5.

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