Big Brother 2015: Jack McDermott is FUMING with Jade-Martina Lynch

Big Brother

Things have kicked off in the Big Brother house tonight after the latest live show.

Earlier tonight, Adjoa Mensah became the unlucky housemate to get the axe in tonight's Big Brother 2015 results after facing the public vote against Sarah Greenwood and Eileen Daly.

However it was Jade-Martina Lynch's luxury twist that has left one housemate VERY angry.

Jade won a personal luxury budget back on launch night and cashed it in during the week. Tonight she got the chance to pick two others to share her luxury privileges and chose Aaron Frew and Nick Henderson.

The trio enjoyed a huge banquet that included everything from sushi to fast food this evening and also have exclusive access to the swimming pool and sky room, together with sole use of hot water and appliances.

Jack was left VERY angry at the whole thing, especially Jade's apparent 'rubbing it in' and ranted in the house tonight: "There was no 'I’m sorry, I had to pick people' there was revelling, there was buzzing, she was absolutely buzzing."

"I need to loose weight, but I’m more annoyed about the fact I can't go for a swim," Jack claimed, before then snapping: "F**king KFC! I could have had K F**king C."

He then went on to the other housemates as Jade, Nick and Aaron tucked in: "It's the reaction that annoyed me, the in your face ‘I’ve got luxury!’ I felt like Jade rubbed it in, her hands in the air, that’s all I’m saying."

Later on and the group considered breaking the rules to pinch some of the luxury food.

Taking a vote, twins Sally and Amy found themselves on opposing sides as the housemates discussed whether or not to make a rush for the grub.

However concerns about what punishment Big Brother would impose stopped the plan, at least for the time being, despite Harriet vowing to hide cigarettes in condoms in her bum to stop them being removed.

In the early hours and Jack was still going on: "This is going to cause so many rows and arguments."

Stick with us for the latest from the house!

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