Big Brother 2015 fight! Eileen Daly and Jade-Martina Lynch have it out

Big Brother

Eileen Daly and Jade-Martina Lynch have had it out in the Big Brother 2015 house following a new task.

Big Brother was out to cause trouble yesterday evening with its House of Commoners task which saw the group split into two.

The two teams had to give their answers to questions such as ‘Who is the most boring?’, ‘Who is the laziest housemate?’, ‘Who is the most inconsiderate?’ and ‘Who is the most fake?’ in the form of political-style debates.

During the task, Jade branded Eileen ignorant and it all spiralled on from there for the warring duo who haven't really seen eye to eye since Day 1.

The pair tried to make amends but it didn't go too well as they instead decided to give one another some space.

Jade went to complain to Kieran McLeod: "She was being very ignorant, she can't take citcisim, and she's slightly childish.

"She cant take criticism in any way shape or form, she gets highly offended."

She added: "I feel she's trying to start arguments by not accepting my apology."

Kieran suggested that Jade either trying to clear the air or just avoiding Eileen 'like the plague', to which Jade responded: "The thing is I'm not going to lose a friend cause I didn't gain one, but for the sake of us living in this house I wouldn't want to be awkward with anyone, I will just treat her with respect."

Elsewhere in the task and Cristian was left raging after being branded the most "inconsiderate" housemate.

The full task and fallout will air tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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