Big Brother 2015: Jade-Martina Lynch accuses Eileen Daly of being 'evil'

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Things have got bitchy between the girls in the fallout from face to face nominations.

The Big Brother housemates nominated on Sunday with Adjoa Mensah, Sarah Greenwood and Eileen Daly ending up facing eviction.

But one nomination that has caused a bit of a ruckus inside the house is Eileen's vote for Jade-Martina Lynch.

Kooky Eileen nominated the Irish housemate for 'stirring' things during her secret task where she staged a fake row with Sarah.

However neither Sarah nor Jade have been left too pleased by Eileen's vote, with Sarah defending Jade's actions.

Sarah insisted she'd rather housemates be loyal to one another rather be bitchy while Jade accused Eileen of 'twisting' what she said.

Jade also complained about Eileen: "There's a little twang of evil off her, a little pizazz of like vindictiveness... strange. It's a game."

While in the house Eileen is under attack, her bombardment during the nominations from the other housemates has won her many supporters from viewers.

Many fans have hit out at BB for allowing some of the group to nominate Eileen for simply being older than they are.

And we certainly agree with lots of the reasons used in last night's Big Brother nominations shockingly pathetic.

It's perhaps just another reason why noms should be kept to the privacy of the Diary Room where we may see a bit more honesty.

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