Big Brother 2015: Jade-Martina Lynch and Nick Henderson SNOG!

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Jade-Martina Lynch and Nick Henderson have had a cheeky snog in the Big Brother 2015 house.

We don't think there was much money on the pairing being the first to kiss and granted, it was only as a result of Truth or Dare.

But it follows rumours in the house that Jade has quite the crush on Nick, even if she's denied them.

The pair locked lips last night during a drunken game of Truth or Dare that this morning many housemates didn't seem to remember happening.

"You all know that Nick and Jade kissed last night don't you?" Sarah Greenwood had to remind them, describing the kiss as "serious" while Nick revealed that there may have been "tongue action".

Meanwhile, staying on topic of possible showmances, Sarah has ruled out any chance of her getting with Danny Wisker.

After flirting almost constantly since Day 1, she's concluded that the demolition hardman is not actually her type and suggested it's only been the other housemates that have been forcing them together.

She explained in the house today: "I'm the same with him as I am everyone else... He's not really my type, I'd usually go for a darker looking guy, Christian's my guy, dark hair, tan, but he's young.

"Danny isn't really my type but he's really sweet and I'm not used to that."

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