Big Brother 2015: Aaron Frew gets flirty with Joel Williams!

Big Brother

Aaron Frew gets flirting with Joel Williams in tonight's Big Brother highlights, however the wannabe Prime Minister has other ideas.

But while Welsh Joel may have a growing crush on one of the twins (Sally, not that it really seems to matter), Aaron isn't going to be stopped.

“I’ve got to admit it Joel, over the past few days… think I’ve come to realise that I’ve started to fancy you, don’t you agree," he says.

Joel replies: “I don’t fancy you Aaron. I’m straight and I’m proud to say I’m heterosexual”.

Aaron continues: “It’s the way he’s just so straight to the point…he’d be very dominating in the bedroom.

"He’d be like ‘Aaron bend over’ and I would be like ‘yes sir’. I joke…even though you’re 19….I’d call him Sir. I’d do everything for him…I’d be your bitch.

"How would you feel about that if I was a girl?”.

Joel says: “If you were a girl then I would certainly consider it”.

Aaron quips: “But I could be a girl. I could be a drag queen for you”.

However there's bad news for the Calvin Klein model as Joel concludes: “I have to say Aaron, as lovely as you are I think we should just be friends”

This is one BB romance that's not going anywhere...

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

Browse pictures of tonight's show below...

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