Big Brother 2015 RECAP! Day 5 highlights from Timebomb series

Big Brother

Here are all of the weekend's highlights from Big Brother: Timebomb on Channel 5.

The Housemates wake up tired as they we’re kept up last night by Aaron and Harriet and Joel.

Harriet talks to Big Brother in the Diary Room about being one of the three most popular Housemates from the poll. Harriet: “It is nice, I’m very, very thankful…I think things can get tactical on voting if people are in it to want to get the dough.”

Danny and Kieran talking about Sarah. Danny: “She jumped on my bed and that last night...I got a bit excited though”

Aaron, Harriet and Sally are in the Bathroom. Aaron thinks Joel fancies Sally.

Eileen was set a secret mission to convey different emotions towards certain Housemates and justify these emotions by backing it up with a fake story. She had to show desire towards Aaron by giving him a massage. Eileen also had to convey fear towards Jade. Eileen told Jade that she felt there was danger coming for one Housemate. Lastly Eileen conveyed anger towards Sarah. Eileen blamed Sarah for using her hairbrush.

Eileen passed all of her secret missions and won a party for the rest of the house which will include a truth and dare style party game. Due to a breach in the rules regarding the discussion of nominations, Nick will be a waiter at the party

Danny and Adjoa are discussing Sarah. Danny: “I like her…she’s probably not the usual type I go for if I’m honest…I don’t know what it is about her…When she came down those doors...I thought F$*king hell she’s hot…she says things and I don’t agree with it and that’s holding me back… I’d like to her in my bed…and have a spoon but I don’t want to lead her on”

Harriet speaks to Adjoa about food. Harriet: “I think the food situation, I think sometimes you’re forgetting… from yesterday I didn’t want to say it in front of everyone because of how hard you took yesterday.

Adjoa: “That’s fine, I won’t steal food anymore…I won’t eat two eggs a day anymore…whether you like me or not…I couldn’t care less…cause I picked up too many crisps…I have two eggs a day…only two eggs a day…I don’t want to argue…I’m the most generous… f*£king person that you could ever meet… …even though I eat a lot…”

Kieran, Adjoa and Cristian are still up, when most of the Housemates are in bed. Adjoa is talking about her conversation with Harriet. Adjoa: “Get over it...It did piss me off cause is that all your thinking about f$%king crisps…I can’t trust a soul in here”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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