Big Brother 2015: Sarah Greenwood slams immigrants and "common people"

Sarah Greenwood (Big Brother 2015)

Sarah Greenwood has blasted immigrants for 'rinsing' the benefits system in a Big Brother rant.

In tonight's latest show things get political as Sarah goes off on one.

It begins as Harriet Jackson tells Sarah about her nicknames as a “working class bird”.

Sarah replies that she's not a big fan of “common people”, explaining: “lairy…watching TV…up to date on Jeremy Kyle”.

Harriet goes on to reveal: "I think I’ve signed on once in my life…I signed on once and never went back”.

Sarah complains: “The system has been rinsed to death…It’s not for immigrants to come in and claim s**t when not they’re even attempting to get a job…I hate racism…I can understand why people may have a different view on gay people or certain sexual orientations…for religious reasons”.

However Harriet was rather more open minded: “It’s not affecting me, do what you have got to do”.

Elsewhere tonight and there is an arguably lot less insightful discussion when Danny and Joel talk about the General Election.

Danny says he didn’t vote while Joel reveals he voted Conservative, with Danny asking: “Is that who won it?”

Other highlights in this evening's episode include a late night pillow fight while there's a nasty row between Aaron and Joel.

Tune in when Big Brother airs tonight at 9:20PM on Channel 5.

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