Big Brother 2015 housemates row after late night pillow fight

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A late night pillow fight caused rows in he Big Brother 2015 house this morning.

Following yesterday evening's double live timebomb twist, some of the housemates let off steam with a mess around in the bedroom.

Throwing pillows around and screaming, they were warned by Big Brother: "This is Big Brother , housemates should refrain from throwing pillows," however this message only acted to encourage them.

"They've obviously got night vision cameras," remarked Jack McDermott, revealing he has clearly never watched the show before.

This morning when Big Brother woke the group up there were some rather grumpy housemates.

Twins Sally and Amy lead the complaints, with one of them saying: "It was so loud. The thing is people don't even go to sleep because everyone's screaming like f**king banshees.

"I'm up for fun but people are trying to sleep but everyone's like WAHHAHAHA. It's like go and scream in the living room where people aren't asleep."

She added: "I don't want to be a party pooper but the other side is open if you want to go and scream."

Eileen Daly added: "It just a bit immature, grow up."

However Sarah Greenwood, who had led the pillow fight in the night, then got angry with the early morning commotion.

"Will everyone shut up I'm fast asleep!" Sarah snapped.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9:20PM on Channel 5.

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