Big Brother 2015: Who fancies who?! Housemates reveal their crushes...

Big Brother

The topic of romance has come up in the Big Brother house as the group try to work out just who fancies who.

While we all know Jade-Martina Lynch reckons all the boys in the house have a thing for her, following THAT Diary Room entry in last night's show, but what about everyone else?

Well it seems that all of the housemates are convinced that there's definitely one possible relationship blossoming and it's between Danny Wisker and Sarah Greenwood.

The pair have been "obviously" flirting with one another almost since Day 1 and last night cosyed up in the smoking area.

Meanwhile, one of the twins revealed her ideal man would be Danny (but only 'if she had to'!) before claiming that Jade had a thing for Nick Henderson!

Aaron Frew too said his choice would be Danny, explaining: "Christian to look at is very nice, look a that body and eyes but there's only so much a body and eyes can do for you."

Elsewhere in house last night and Sarah and Jade plotted to wind up Kieran McLeod by getting Adjoa Mensah to come on to him.

While Adjoa was up for the challenge 'if it's funny' when Jade suggested that she start getting physical, Adjoa replied: "That's taking it too far."

Watch the latest from the house at 9:20PM tonight on Channel 5.

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