Big Brother 2015 spoilers: Eileen Daly set secret task but did she pass?

Eileen Daly (Big Brother 2015)

Eileen Daly was given a secret task in the Big Brother house today.

Having rather faded into the background since entering the bungalow last week, Big Brother called Eileen to the Diary Room for a secret mission.

She was given a challenge that would put her acting skills to the test, although there are definitely no vampire fangs here.

Instead she had to convey a variety of different feelings towards housemates as Big Brother instructed her all while leaving the other housemates completely unaware that she's only acting.

The first of Big Brother's instructions was for Eileen to demonstrate 'desire' by giving Aaron a sensual massage, which she completed rather easily - if awkwardly - in the bedroom.

Eileeen then had to act "petrified" which saw her fake a panic attack in the bedroom and getting comforted by Keiran, Amy or Sally and Jade.

For the third and final part of the task, Eileen had to act angry. She picked an argument with Sarah, accusing the law student of using her hair brush. Sarah didn't seem too convinced, reacting: "Is this a serious thing?"

While the housemates felt that Eileen had gone "doolally", none of them suspected it was a secret task and so Eileen passed her challenge.

As a result, the gang will be rewarded with a party tonight... although Nick's been banned!

BB airs nightly on Channel 5.

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