Big Brother 2015: Adjoa Mensah cries after being nominated in live twist

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Adjoa Mensah isn't too happy with being nominated in the Big Brother house.

In last night's live show, Nick Henderson had to give his first face to face nominations. He had been ‘cursed’ with having to nominate face to face throughout the series in last Tuesday's launch night twist.

Nick first nominated Adjoa, saying: "Purely because I’ve spoken to this person the least, Adjoa. I find her hard to read. It’s just I have spoken to her the least and I’ve connected with her the least."

He also nominated Sarah Greenwood who seems to have taken the news rather well, but Adjoa has been a bit upset.

Adjoa went to the Diary Room to talk to Big Brother and cried.

She told BB: “I fell so stressed out and it’s so frustrating to me…All eyes are on me…I feel paranoid… I felt singled out...He nominated me first…I just didn’t like the feeling, I hated it. I don’t want to be upset but I just felt so singled out…I didn’t know how to react to it…it’s just not a nice feeling”

Back outside and the model insisted to the other housemates: "I'm not taking it personally, I just don't know what to think about it. I wasn't expecting it.

"People ask me who is one of my favourite housemates and who I get on with and I'd say Nick."

Kieran pointed out to her: "Everyone is getting on and everyone has to do find the smallest thing, so petty, just to pick out somebody."

Adjoa continued: "I'm just thinking, why haven't I spoke to him that much?"

Nick then joined the conversation and reassured her: "I really like everyone here. I had to narrow it down to those little things."

He added: "It's just a nomination, you're not up for eviction."

Indeed, the remaining housemates will nominate over the weekend to decide who actually faces the latest eviction next Friday night.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9:20PM on Channel 5.

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