Big Brother 2015 RECAP! Day 3 highlights from Timebomb series

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Here's a recap of all the goings on in the Big Brother house over the past day.

Today the housemates are being challenged to ‘kill time’ by taking part in four tasks. The first task is to pedal a bike consistently over 15 miles per hour, whilst eating bananas when instructed by Big Brother. Joel is first and fails his part of the task. Sarah is next but fails the activity. Cristian is next and manages to pass his part of the challenge.

The next task is to calculate mathematical sums whilst paint ball shots are being fired at them. Aaron, Harriet, Kieran, Sally and Eileen take part in the task and pass.

The third part of the task is to explode a balloon within the one minute timeframe by manually blowing the balloons up. Jade is first but struggles as she has a phobia of balloons. She fails. Jack is next to fail but Chloemanages to pass the activity.

In the final part of the activity, the four remaining housemates spend 15 minutes spelling out words with letters covered in porridge and fish guts. Amy and Adjoa manage to spell their words correctly but Danny fails to spell ‘canoe.’ However, as they have passed the activities overall, the whole house is awarded with a hamper full of luxury shopping.

Eileen comes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother that she gets on with everyone – “I’m like strawberry jam. I go in all the corners of the toast, spread around.” She reminds Big Brother that she has a third eye.

Aaron, Joel, Chloe and Cristian are talking over breakfast. Chloe tells Aaron that she has “had to warm to you…at first I thought ‘I just don’t get this personality’ but now I’ve realised you’re really funny.” Aaron responds, “you’re just so rude” and offended, he walks off to tell the other housemates. He gets upset as he recounts the conversation to Sarah and Jade but Sarah tells him “I instantly liked you…you’re my babe.”

Chloe comes to the Diary Room and tells Big Brother, “in my real world I wouldn’t ever meet someone like Aaron…that’s just not someone I bump in to.” She says he thinks she thought he was fake and thinks he should just not “worry about it, cock…he probably don’t like me and I probably don’t care.”

Sally and Amy have a bath together while Cristian watches.

Amy talks to the other housemates about her experiences of online trolls. Nick admits that in the past, “I have trolled Big Brother housemates.” He says he wouldn’t have trolled this year’s housemates and apologises to the previous housemates.

Joel makes himself comfortable on Sally’s bed and tells her, “the way I see it is - I could be gone tomorrow and we would never ever see each other again,” He suggests he share her bed tonight but Sally isn’t interested.

Chloe asks Adjoa about her sexual exploits with women. She talks about the things she likes to do with other women.

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on Channel 5 with the highlights and LIVE timebomb twist!

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