Big Brother 2015: Chloe Wilburn makes Aaron Frew cry!

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There were tears before bedtime in the Big Brother Timebomb house last night.

And they seemed to come from pretty much nowhere.

It began as Chloe Wilburn told Aaron Frew how her opinion on him had changed since the pair both entered on launch night.

She explained: "I've had to warm to you, you know. At first I thought 'I just don't get this personality', I don't know anyone like you, a bit over the top, bubbly and now I've realised.

"It's a compliment, I didn't know if it was fake and now I know."

However Aaron wasn't too pleased with he had heard what Chloe had to say and complained: "You're so rude," before retreating to the bathroom.

Chloe was quick to follow to insist she was only trying to be nice, as Aaron complained about being seen as potentially 'fake'.

"Sorry if I've upset you, I thought you'd be happy, it was a compliment," Chloe told him. "I thought it was a compliment, I thought you might think it was funny, I just don't know anyone like you."

"I've just genuinely been myself," insisted Aaron.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on Channel 5.

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