The Big Brother housemates have their first shopping task...

Big Brother

The Big Brother 2015 housemates have been set their first every shopping task and it seems trivially easy.

Long gone are the days that shopping tasks lasted days or even hours, this one will last just minutes.

60 minutes, to be precise.

The 15 housemates (for this task, twins Sally and Amy count as separate housemates) have to complete four challenges, each lasting for 15 minutes.

What the challenges are hasn't been revealed other than four cryptic pictures: A bicycle, a calculator, the letters 'ABC' and an explosion.

For each challenge, one housemate will have to complete the task at hand until the 15 minutes are up.

If they can't (or won't) endure that quarter of an hour, another housemate must step in and take their place and so on until the 15 minutes is up.

However each housemate can only take part in one of the four challenges, so once they've had their go they cannot be called upon again.

If housemates together manage to complete all of the four challenges for the 15 minutes they'll win a luxury shopping budget.

On the face of it the time-themed task seems pretty easy but we're not sure that the four challenges may be all that simple...

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