Big Brother 2015 RECAP! Day 2 highlights from Timebomb series

What happened on Big Brother tonight...

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It's Day 2 in the Big Brother house and we have tasks, rows and tears already.

Jade comes to the Diary Room to discuss her fellow Housemates with Big Brother. She mentions that she has noticed that Sarah and Danny like each other and predicts they could end up in a relationship, “ I think they are flirting and into each other, but it is in the early stages, if she stays in it could all go off between them I think it could be a crazy love affair”

The Housemates are sat in the garden discussing relationships. Jade announces to the group that she is polyamorous “my soul is just so free I can’t be in a monogamous relationship”

Aaron is talking to the group about coming out and explains the difficulties he faced “in school people always used to pick on me, looking back the way I reacted was the wrong way. I used to get so upset, I didn’t want to lose my mum, and losing my mum was the main factor so I would lie all the time.”

Big Brother announces a task whereby Housemates compete in two teams, girls versus boys, to work out which statements about their fellow Housemates morals and pasts relates to whom.

One of the questions the boys are asked is “Which Housemates biggest turn on is money? In which the correct answer was Sarah who comments “I’m not embarrassed by that whatsoever I’ve been brought up to a certain standard and I am not about to drop that”. This causes a reaction from Cristian who responds “If someone wasn’t rich now but has a plan what would you say to that?” Sarah replies, “I’m not trying to say when I look at a man do you have money is my number one priority what I actually said is that I find money a turn on”

The girls are asked which Housemate thinks he should have gone on Celebrity Big Brother to which the answer was Cristian, who asserts that he has credibility as he has been in the paper for having a relationship with a girl on Hollyoaks. This leads him to explain the reason they broke up was he couldn’t afford the same life style as her “I couldn’t afford £200 meals and I know some girls find that attractive” Sarah responds angrily saying “I have never said I am attracted to money, don’t put words in my mouth, I would never expect a man of 18 or 19 to have money and a career”. Cristian then accuses her of being “over defensive”.

The girls are asked “which Housemate says his funniest sex story is that he has never had sex?” They correctly answer Jack much to his embarrassment

After the task Cristian, Kieran and Danny discuss the revelation that Sarah is turned on by money, Danny says “ I don’t think you can criticize people who don’t earn money when you are not on a level to judge it” Cristian replies, “ I think she has had a lot of rows with boyfriends”

Jade and Cristian are lying in the garden discussing Sarah’s reaction to Cristian asking her about liking men with money, he says “it felt like she just wanted to have a bit of an argument, she is a feisty person” to which Jade agrees, “she is very feisty”

Joel is in the bedroom getting a spray tan from Sally, Amy and Adjoa

Kieran is sat with Danny discussing Sarah and asks him “so when are you going to make a move then, or are you playing it by ear to see what happens?” Danny responds, “ we are just getting on at the moment, it is nothing serious she does do things to go out of her way, like offer me a drink”

Cristian and Sarah are in the living room discussing the argument from the task. Cristian is trying to clear the air, “from my point of view it wasn’t an argument, I was just offended by the way you thought I was trying to argue with you” Sarah replies, “it was the bit where you said attracted to money but I bit a bit quick, it has been blown out of proportion”

In the evening Danny and Sarah are sat in the garden discussing their fellow Housemates. Danny admits that he finds Joel fake. Sarah replies that she thinks she is being constant in the House

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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