Big Brother 2015 housemates make shock confessions in first task

Big Brother

The Big Brother 2015 housemates have taken on their first task which has seen some shock revelations.

Split into boys and girls teams, the housemates had to correctly identify facts about one another in a bid to win a prize.

Keeping in with the Timebomb theme, the task involved pointing the hand of a giant clock to the housemate they thought the fact belonged to.

The Girls

The girls results were as followed:

Which of the men thought they should be on Celeb Big Brother?
Girls’ answer: Aaron
Correct answer: Cristian

Which of the men things religion is a money swindling con?
Girls’ answer: Kieran
Correct answer: Kieran

Who’s funniest sex story is that they’ve never had sex?
Girls’ answer: Jack
Correct answer: Jack

Who said: ‘I put on the uniform, looked in the mirror and thought I am better than this’ and walked out of his McDonalds job after 30 minutes?
Girls’ answer: Joel
Correct answer: Nick

The boys

Which of the girls said their biggest turn on was money?
Boys’ answer: Jade
Correct answer: Sarah

Who says their move on a night out is the ‘sausage roll’?
Boys’ answer: Chloe
Correct answer: Chloe

Who can spend up to £500 on monthly beauty treatments?
Boys’ answer: Twins
Correct answer: Twins

Who has been fired from every job?
Boys’ answer: Sarah
Correct answer: Adjoa

Who started in a porn film?
Boys’ answer; Eileen
Correct answer: Eileen

With three correct answers each the task was a draw, leaving both teams to share a reward from Big Brother

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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