Big Brother 2015 RECAP! Day 1 highlights from Timebomb series

Adjoa Mensah's gay confession shocks housemates

Big Brother

Here's your first daily recap of Big Brother 2015's Timebomb series with all that went down in the house over the past 24 hours.

The Housemates arrive in the Big Brother House and meet each other for the first time

Simon comments that “he might just leave as he is the old bag of the group”

Jack arrives to a good reception from the crowd and is pleased, “what a time to be alive”

Big Brother calls the contestants to the sofa to welcome them to the House and to announce the first TIMEBOMB twist of the series where the public have been voting to select five Housemates for a surprise task

The Housemates gather in the garden and hear that the five Housemates selected are Nick, Adjoa, Simon, Jade and Jack (Pieface)who were awarded with the following fates:

JACK chose the Timebomb which gave him IMMUNITY – he won three immunity passes which can be played at any time during his stay in the house

NICK chose the Timebomb which gave him NOMINATIONS – he will make their nominations face to face for the whole series

JADE chose the Timebomb which gave her LUXURY – she is able to claim a luxury food shop for a week, just for her, to be redeemed at a time of her choosing

ADJOA chose the Timebomb which was EMPTY

SIMON chose the Timebomb which was EVICTION – he was evicted immediately from the Big Brother house.

Housemates say goodbye to Simon as he leaves the house

In the living room Harriet asks the Housemates about their relationship status to which Adjoa replies that she is gay much to Kieran’s shock and disappointment with Amy yelling “wounded” when she sees his reaction

Kieran replies that he is confused to which Adjoa laughs and says “ you weren’t expecting that were you” and goes on to say she has never slept with a man and that is something she never wants to experience

Adjoa comes to the Diary Room to talk with Big Brother about her fellow Housemates. “Sarah is so lovely, and she’s hot and is just so sexy!”

Cristian and Jack discuss what they would do with the £150k prize money to which Jack replies “take the lads over to France to see the Euro’s”

Cristian and Danny sit at the dining room table and discuss which girls have caught their eye in the House so far, Danny comments that Sarah is a “bossy woman that is used to getting her own way, but a good looking bird” he goes on to say, “they have put a couple of twins in here, both have boyfriends, what’s the f***ing point?”

Jack talks to Nick and Cristian in the bedroom about the benefits of being in the House and confides that he has a bit of a gambling problem “it’s very difficult and has taken a lot out of me, but being in here takes me away from it” Cristian asks if he wins a lot to which Jack responds, “no, no I don’t but this is a chance for me to sort my life out” Nick comments that Jack has been very brave to admit that

Cristian and Danny are stood by the pictures of the Housemates discussing again which of the girls have boyfriends. Danny mentions in reference to the twins “ they are taken but I do think they are vulnerable, even though I wouldn’t go there because they have boyfriends, I still think there is something about them” to which Cristian replies, “if there is something about them you go to these girls (points to Chloe and Sarah) and these girls (the twins) will come running”

Big Brother airs tonight at 10PM on Channel 5.

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