Big Brother 2015 twist! Simon Gross EVICTED after 90 minutes

Simon Gross (Big Brother 2015)

Simon Gross has been evicted from Big Brother 2015 after all of 90 MINUTES inside!

At the top of the live show, host Emma Willis teased: "Tonight, you light the fuse. You are going to be part of a Big Brother first. We've always wanted to do it but we've never had the guts!

"Tonight, Big Brother will drop the first time bomb live and it'll send shockwaves through the house"

The housemates then entered the house one by one just as they always do, to all sorts of reactions from the live crowd.

Once all fifteen housemates were safe and secure behind locked doors, a poll on the official BBUK app opened for just two minutes.

Emma revealed that the five housemates with the most votes would play a game and there would be rewards for the winners but for one housemate there would be ‘dire’ consequences.

Gathering the housemates in the garden in the house, Big Brother announced the results with Adjoa Mensah, Jack McDermott, Jade-Martina Lynch, Nick Henderson and Simon Gross being selected.

BB told them they had an important choice to make, giving the group 30 seconds to decide amongst themselves which of what five golden ‘timebombs’ they should each stand behind.

With each of the five chosen housemates behind a timebomb, Big Brother instructed them in turn to reveal the contents by pulling a pin.

Jack went first and won three immunity passes to be used during his time in the house.

Nick was cursed with face to face nominations, meaning all of his nominations during the house must be done face to face.

Jade won a personal luxury shopping budget for her time in the house.

Big Brother then announced that one of Simon and Adjoa would be EVICTED there and then, insisting that there was NO fake eviction and NO secret rooms.

Before the pair revealed their time bombs, they were given the chance to switch bombs but decided not too.

Opening their bombs together, Simon was evicted. Adjoa's bomb did not contain anything.

Simon said: "Have a great time all of you, for the five minutes I've met you it's been fantastic. It's a bit unfair but..."

And with that, Simon headed straight back out of the house to speak to Emma again, insisting: "It was great, it's SHOWBIZ!"

Big Brother continues nightly on Channel 5.

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