Big Brother 2015: Adjoa Mensah fears naked photos leaking

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Big Brother housemate Adjoa Mensah has said she fears nude photos of herself being leaked once she enters the house.

The model is one of sixteen contestants taking part in this year's Big Brother which kicks off tonight on Channel 5.

And speaking ahead of the live launch, Adjoa declared: "I'm very sexual – I don't know, God just made me like this! I've got a high sex drive, I can't help it.

"But I like to send nudes and stuff like that a lot. It's a turn-on to me and I feel like someone might use it against me."

Adjoa also said: "I'm blessed to be good looking – I know what I look like, you know – and it's a blessing but I don't believe that all models are the same because I'd say I'm very different when it comes to it.

"I do take care in myself because I think it's important because it's what I've been blessed with, but the inside is the most important to me."

However we shouldn't expect to see Adjoa stripping off inside the house as she's told DigitalSpy: "I'm comfortable with my body but I wouldn't walk around butt naked.

"I like to dress sexy but I wouldn't walk around with my fanny out." And don't expect her to have sex in the house either: "I just wouldn't, it's inappropriate to do it. Everyone's watching – I just wouldn't do that."

Big Brother: Timebomb kicks off TONIGHT at 9PM, May 12 on Channel 5.

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