Big Brother 2015 housemates for Timebomb series to be revealed tonight

Big Brother Summer 2015

The countdown has kicked off to the unveiling of this year's Big Brother 2015 housemates.

In just a few hours' time at one minute past minute on Sunday, this year's cast will be revealed via the Channel 5 website

In a Big Brother UK first we'll get to meet the line up before the live launch, which will air from Tuesday night at 9PM on Channel 5.

The countdown began at midnight on Friday morning and ends officially at 00:01 on Sunday (which just to be clear is actually this Saturday night!).

Speaking about the housemates this year, hosts Emma Willis and Rylan Clark insisted they'd both try and keep a 'clear head' about the wannabes before they entered the house.

"I am a fan and I will obviously have judgements, but I need to try and keep a clear head," said Emma. "I’m trying to be less judgemental and keep an open mind to try and do a fair interview when they leave!"

Rylan added: "There are certain housemates, who you think they are not going to last five minutes, then the next thing you know, they finish first or second. It happens every single year and that is why I love this show."

Meanwhile Rylan went to claim that this year's housemates are "a real mix" following a long audition process earlier in the year.

"We’ve got young, middle aged and older — and although we’ve got the typical stereotypes, they don’t fit the bracket they’re in. So, for example, a young, pretty girl might not be what she seems," teased.

And it turns out that we may know some of the group already, with Rylan admitting: “You might have seen a couple of the contestants if you really dug for them.

"But even if they’ve been in the papers or on a show before, we select them because they’re going to be brilliant housemates."

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